Homework timetable

As you will be aware we always strive to adapt our practice to ensure our pupils are given the best opportunities to succeed in school. Working closely with parents last year we have further developed our homework timetable and the way in which we set homework so that Parents can take a more active role in understanding the work their children are doing in school and how best to support them outside of school.

We see homework differently and you will see from the homework’s set on Office 365 they take a variety of forms. We have outlined below what pupils at different stages in school can expect with regards to homework.


As our Pathways students are now studying towards their public examinations, they should be getting at least an hour’s homework a week per subject. This can be spread, or in one chunk, but should never be expected the following day (to allow for students to have interests outside of school).


Core subjects (English, Maths & Science) should be setting 1 hour per week. All other subjects should be looking to set an hour’s worth of work, spread over a two-week period. This can either be a ‘project’, preparation for lesson content, or more prescribed work. It can either be set in one allocation or spread, or even could be set as a longer project, over half (or even a full) term.

For all students

Homework will be set by the teacher sending a calendar invite to the class, with the date and time being when the work is due in. Links to worksheets, advice, etc. in Office 365 can be included in the ‘notes’ section of the invite.

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