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Our learner-led pastoral system:

A place where everyone is known and belongs…

At Sandymoor Ormiston Academy we invest strongly in the care, welfare and happiness of our community. 

To ensure outstanding support and care, we have adopted a ‘family’ group model which creates a strong sense of belonging.  Each of our pupils is allocated to a house which allows pupils across all year groups to work together and get to know each other.

Each year group also has a dedicated Head of Year who acts to support pupils both pastorally and academically. Within each year group we have an excellent team of form tutors who encourage pupils to make good progress in their lessons and also help to foster a sense of family and support.

Each year group is led by staff teams who focus on the day-to-day welfare needs of pupils and carefully monitor their academic progress.




Here at Sandymoor Ormiston Academy, our students work hard to become Sandymoor Champions at the end of the year.  If they become a Champion, they receive a gold star.



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The Orchard

The Orchard is a safe and calm environment for our most vulnerable students.  It provides the base for the vertical tutor group who are led by Mrs Donaghy, they use this space for their morning and afternoon registration.  The Orchard is also used for our bespoke intervention programmes and our daily breakfast club.  During break and lunchtimes students are able to take part in our lego sessions or board game bonanzas.


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