Vision and Ethos

Thank you for visiting our school website. Sandymoor School opened its doors in September 2012 to nineteen pupils. Since then it has grown exponentially and is well on the way to fulfilling our original mission statement, which states we will become “An 11-18 school producing intelligent, employable global citizens that demonstrate social competence, a desire for learning and respect for each other and the world around us. The school will be recognised for excellence in science, technology, enterprise and sport“.

We have already been recognised by Ofsted as ‘a good school with outstanding leadership’ in 2014 and we continue to develop our provision to be the best it can be.
This translates into our shared vision of educational excellence for all.  We challenge everyone (pupils, staff, governors) to strive to be better at what they do continuously.
Whilst we are a young school we are incredibly strong in terms of aspiration and pastoral support. Our school community is welcoming and accepting; democracy is practiced at all levels and championed by our leadership team and school council. Everyone has a voice that is recognised and we work together to become greater
We place great value on pupil and parent voice and we all work together to ensure we personalise our provision for every child, looking to understand their strengths and dreams for the future. Sandymoor School’s staff work to unlock an individual’s potential and give them the opportunity to discover hidden strengths and talents they never knew they had.

Every individual has the power to become anything they choose to be, given enough time and effort. I realise there are limitations, such as we all cannot be a world record holder for the 100 metres but I do believe that whatever a young person’s dream is, as a school we should do all we can to enable a child to grow into an adult who is able to sustain a career linked with that field and give them the opportunity to find a path that excites and interests them just as much.

What makes us different is that we are building the whole child and developing their ability to identify and secure the future they want in whatever form it may take. Everyone has the right to an education that opens doors and removes barriers. This is my version of personalisation, in that as a school we know our pupils inside and out. All staff are able to answer the questions about each child, such as “what are their dreams? Their strengths? What do they need to get them there? How can we help them to get there themselves?”

Sandymoor School was created by parents to ensure that their children get the best quality education. There is a special investment by the community in the school to ensure that we give our children the best start to their future. We have high expectations to ensure that we do not let down the parents who have put their faith in us to secure their child’s future and serve their needs fully.

This is what we stand for:

  • Creating well rounded individuals, socially aware citizens mindful of their impact on all communities, local through to global. Tolerance is promoted and developed at all times.
  • Never placing limitations on people; we hold the belief that all members of the school community have the capacity to grow and improve. Our diverse school population is a strength as expectations of all pupils are high.
  • Our staff are all flexible and adapt to meet all pupils’ needs academically, emotionally and socially to ensure the best outcomes and positive personal development takes place.
  • Using our excellent relationship with parents and their willingness to support us to benefit their child’s education. The parents wanted this school to exist and this shows in their involvement with the school.

I would hope that the above gives you some insight as to what we believe in as an organisation. Our pupils are delightful and we are strongly supported by parents.
I look forward to meeting you soon and welcoming you to our fantastic school.