Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to Sandymoor Ormiston Academy!  I am excited to continue my journey as Principal with a very talented and committed body of staff and an ever supportive community.   I firmly believe that education is a partnership between home and school and regard you as an active partner in your child’s education and value your interest and support.

As always, we have lots planned this year and hope to enrich our students’ experience more than ever before.  All of our efforts directly support the positive experience of our students, and our goal is to provide a safe and stimulating environment in which all of our students can flourish; achieving academic excellence, becoming emotionally and physically stronger, and growing their talents.

We have brought significant improvements about this last year; shifting our progress 8 from -0.72 to -0.3 and increasing our 4+ and 5+ passes in English and Maths results by 11% and 16% respectively; making us the most improved school in Halton . This is firm evidence that the promises we made to our community have come to fruition and we are not willing to stop here.  We have strong indications already that this coming year will be another ‘best ever’ for results with a similar trend projected over time.

This year we will continue with our strides of momentum on our clear journey to becoming one of the best schools in Halton.  One of our main priorities is embedding our ‘Confident Curriculum’ with a focus on raising levels of oracy to actively diminish the vocabulary gap for disadvantaged pupils and also to improve the fluency of subject specific language in order to enable the highest ability students to achieve the very best outcomes.  

Being a school blessed with smaller year groups we really do know our students inside-out and always put them at the heart of every decision we make to ensure that they are happy, confident and that the opportunities that are provided for them are relevant to their needs both now and in the future.  We have recently secured our status as a Liverpool City Region Careers Hub which has resulted in our class of 2018 all being in employment, education or training after leaving us which is fantastic!

Our school is on a journey, and I am leading it with a clear vision of ensuring every pupil is given the best opportunities regardless of their starting points or barriers to learning.  Every parent and carer, me included, wants to know that the school their child attends is a dynamic place of progress, movement and happiness.  As I continue to lead your school I will pledge to you that the most important of my endeavours is to make a deep and genuine difference in the lives of our students, and through them, on the future of our society. 

It is up to us, and our time is now; to make a difference both inside and outside the classroom; to become the very best people we can be!

Sally Jones