In May 2011, a group of 5 local residents came together to make use of the recently announced ‘Free Schools’ model in the Academies Act 2010.   They were:-

Richard Eastburn
Andy Lockyer
Bryan Jones
Jon Snow
Jo Wakefield

The act allows for a group to petition government to allow a new school to come into existence providing the group can meet certain strict criteria. Foremost of these was demand / need for a school and capacity from the proposer group to deliver the project. Subsequently the group submitted a 241-page document to the Department for Education to allow Sandymoor Free School to be established.

In October 2011, the proposer group had passed all the tests, so Sandymoor School moved one step closer to founding, being designated as a school in ‘pre-opening phase’. This allowed for the recruitment of a principal, a statutory public consultation, sourcing and finalising the location and the engagement of contractors to work on the actual building itself.

In March 2012, the school’s first Principal was appointed and by July 2012, building work had begun on the school’s temporary site on Otterburn Street in the heart of Sandymoor.

Sandymoor School opened its doors to the first students on the 3rd September 2012.

During August 2013 the temporary buildings were extended to accommodate the extra students joining in September 2013.  Also during this month we saw planning permission granted for the main ‘New Build’ school, just 300m away from the temporary site and to which construction then began in September 2013.

In less than 12months the innovative £12 million state-of-the-art facility was completed.  Our students starting the academic year 2014-15 started in the brand new building.  The school has gone from strength to strength and also received a visit from PRIME Minister David Cameron during April 2015.