School Clubs and Societies

After the end of the compulsory school day (and during some lunchtimes) we run a wide variety of school clubs and societies for the students to enrol in. Whilst not being compulsory, once a student has selected their clubs we expect them to commit to the club for a minimum duration of ½ a term.

For further detail on each of these clubs, please click here

Current clubs running are:


ClubMember of Staff
GCSE TextilesMrs Fairhead
Rugby @ Moore RFUMrs Broomhead and Moore rugby Coaches
MFL ClubMrs Couturier
HomeworkMrs Gibbs
PC GCSE Computer ScienceMr Kerr
PB/C Business FinanceMiss Crichton
GCSE History BoosterMrs Hall
GCSE Art support ClubMrs Fairhead
F1 Dance Jasmine Heritage and Emillia Peddle (PB Students)
Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award – November start ££Mrs Kinsella
School BandMr Rogers
Film ClubMiss Davies
F1 and 2 Science ClubMiss Roberts
BadmintonMrs Addison

Monday Lunchtime

ClubMember of staff
Microsoft Ambassadors Mr Kerr


ClubMember of staff
Cooking ££Mr Timms
Basketball ££Martin Jones (External coach)

Tuesday Lunchtime

ClubMember of staff
Pathways Chinese MandarinMrs Hom
PC Aiming for 8+Mrs Johnson


ClubMember of staff
Y7/8 FootballSGI Coaches
Calling English CompetitorsMiss Phelan
NetballMrs Parker
F1 and 2 FootballSGI Coaches
Rock and Pop Mr Rogers
DramaMrs Cooper and Mrs Ashurst
Maths Puzzles and gamesMr Sharp and Mr Adderson
Pathways Maths supportMr Sharp and Mr Farrell


ClubMember of staff
Pathways C SpanishMrs Reardon
Get ahead with EnglishMrs Robinson and Miss Malam
Pathways FootballSGI Coaches
Chess Mr Spencer
Get ahead in English(PB/C)Mrs Robinson and Miss Malam
Foundation Maths supportMiss Walker and Mrs Gault

Friday Lunchtime

ClubMember of staff
F1 and 2 Chinese MandarinMrs Hom