we are sandymoor

We are a Free School, founded in 2012, with a unique vision to provide an education for the future

“An 11-18 school producing intelligent, employable global citizens that demonstrate social competence, a desire for learning and respect for each other and the world around us. The school will be recognised for excellence in science, technology, enterprise and sport.”

This will be delivered through:

  • An innovative pedagogical approach embracing the digital shift, enhanced curriculum planning and strong links to industry.
  • The empowerment of students by providing open and transparent communication with staff about all aspects of school operations.
  • Parental engagement to be involved in the learning process, and encourage the continuity of school activities in the home.
  • A connection to the local community through student-led social enterprises and activities, as well as the involvement of local industries to enhance the curriculum.
  • Strong links with schools around the world to share delivery between schools and discuss ‘in-country’ issues, as well as capitalising on their expertise.
  • Concepts such as personalised learning and learning power, which will be a key pedagogical driver.

And will be underpinned through:

  • A financially sustainable and entrepreneurial approach to learning and school development.
  • An acknowledgement- and active protection- of the local environment.