Alternative Provision

The purpose of Alternative Provision is to provide an education for students who fall into one of the following categories:

  • Not suited to mainstream education
  • At risk of permanent exclusion
  • Wishing to specialise in a discrete area

For some students, it is clear that a mainstream education programme is not going to suit, therefore Alternative Provision can develop a more personalised learning programme. It is hoped that this will meet the needs of the individual student and give them a chance to re-engage into education

Another reason a student might be picked for Alternative Provision is because it is felt that they are at risk of permanent exclusion. This might be because he or she has already had one or more fixed-term exclusions. By placing a child into a different provision we are encouraging inclusion in education and also giving the student a chance to achieve.

Some students may want to study a subject which is not available at school, e.g. construction, mechanics, catering. This option is only available if the school, parent and student agree that a move to Alternative Provision is the best academic option.

Some students only require alternative provision for a short period of time, or in order to complete specific qualifications.

Parents/Carers will receive three academic reports per year.


Small Class Sizes

There are never more than 15 students in a class, and in most cases classes are a lot smaller. Each class has at least two members of staff present meaning that students are supported at all times with their education.


All providers are quality assured by Halton local authority and Sandymoor school and lesson observations are regularly carried out. Sandymoor school continue to monitor attendance and behaviour whilst at the provider.

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